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    The Myth of the Lucky Hit Song


    If you’re a fan of music, you hear it every couple of months: the story of an unlikely band that blows up from an unlikely song. Usually, the song “came out of nowhere” and was “all the sudden” a hit everywhere, knocking down the barriers of entry and unseating the previously all-powerful gatekeepers of the music industry.  At that point, the song itself becomes more than just a song.  It begins to take on the collective identity of all the fans who, through sheer will and enthusiasm, propelled it to its unlikely position at the top of the charts.  Proof of what happens when the people speak loud and clear, this unlikely (or “lucky”) song embodies their generation in a way no other song has before…at least until the next one comes along.  If the song had a theme song, it would be Rocky’s theme song.

    Sounds pretty epic, doesn’t it?

    Sure it does.  I’m just not so sure it’s accurate.