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    Why Lebron James won’t win a ring with the Miami Heat next year


    Being an Ohioan, I would often get asked my thoughts on the Cleveland Cavaliers and Lebron James. People would sometimes ask me if was I a Cavs fan, and my reply would usually be “Nope, I’m not a Cavaliers fan, I’m a basketball fan.”  I’m a self-confessed basketball fan, to say the least.  I played varsity basketball 4 years of high-school, and was recruited by some division 2 and 3 colleges had i decided to keep pushing. But realizing that I was never going to make it into the league, and seeing that the benefits of starting on a big high school team far outweighed sitting the bench at a small college made the decision easy.  I decided to study Computer Science, got into making beats, and the rest is history.

    However, I’m still a big fan of basketball.  I love great team ball.  I love great team defense.  While I do appreciate the ability of one person to put up big numbers every night, there’s just something beautiful about a team playing in sync on both ends of the floor that feels more exciting to me.

    But i digress, because this blog is about Lebron James and his move away from the Cleveland Cavaliers and to the Miami Heat.  To many people’s surprise I honestly didn’t care much about him leaving the Cavs.  I’m a basketball fan, and they just didn’t play good ball.  Mostly because they had a team filled with has-beens, current bums, and future bums.  Their development of younger talent (aside from Lebron) was terrible, and their knack for finding washed-up free agents and paying them too much was uncanny.  Plain and simple, their GM Danny Ferry should have been fired years before he actually quit.  To no fault of his own, Lebron never had the supporting cast his competitors had.

    I could go on for pages about why the Cavs sucked and fell short time-after-time but it doesn’t matter anymore since Lebron James is gone now.  What I do want to comment on is his future, and why i think he may have fucked up big time going to the Miami Heat, and therefore why lebron James won’t win a ring next year.  Here’s why: