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    The Last Five Albums I Bought

    People ask me all the time what I’m currently listening to.  Sometimes it’s easy to remember and share, but other times it’s hard to remember because i listen to a lot of different music sometimes.  Then there’s also the dont-speak-about-other-rappers policy that I try to subscribe to.  This policy keeps me from getting into arguments with people who judge me for what I might be listening to, as well as preventing me from accidentally saying I don’t listen to somebody’s favorite rapper.    But I decided that instead of trying to summarize everything I’m listening to, it would be better to just list the last 5 albums I’ve purchased, because that says a lot more than anything else.

    So here’s a list of the last 5 albums I’ve bought and my thoughts on each:

    1. Nikki Jean – Pennies in a Jar

    Before I share my thoughts on this I have to admit that I am a bit biased.  Nikki Jean is a friend of mine.  I met her about 3-4 years ago while I was working on Adventures in Counter-Culture and we became friends instantly.  She’s a pretty awesome person and artist so I don’t feel bad about that bias at all.