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    Be The Change You Would Like To See


    A couple of weeks ago, I was speaking with a good friend about his son, who was having a hard time in middle school.  Apparently his son had started to lose focus in class and school in general. He was also completing less homework and getting into trouble more frequently.  For my friend, his son’s behavior seemed to appear almost out of thin air.

    We talked about how important it was that kids nowadays understand the necessity of education, especially in an economy like this where jobs are becoming increasingly difficult to find, even for those with skills and degrees.  Growing up, my friend and I both had our troubles in school. From cutting class, to fighting, to being suspended – we had done it all in our day and were far from model students.  I was a smart kid, but thought it was cooler to only do just enough to graduate high school and get into college.  In the meantime, I was constantly in and out of the principle’s office for discipline problems.  My friend, on the other hand, was usually in a lot more trouble than I was.  So much so that he had to transfer schools and couldn’t graduate with the rest of his class.