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    Review: Fight Night in the Flats VI

    8747-fnf halfAbout a month ago, me and my buddy Nate were at the bar doing our usual; him drinking shots, me drinking pitchers of beer.  It was one of those nights where you hit up 2-3 different bars over the course of 4-5 hours, so i’m pretty confident we were drunk.  The tv in the bar was turned on Spike, and then some MMA fights came on.  While nate & I do go catch the UFC fights every month or two, the fights that were aired were from a smaller promotion, a fact that was obvious by their lack of UFC-level polish.  But aside from the deficiencies in production quality, the fights were amazing.  Pretty much every fight ended with somebody getting knocked-out or submitted, and I don’t think any of these fights went the distance.  I remember more oh shit moments in that brief hour-long contest than at any other UFC fight we’ve watched.   At the end of the broadcast they flash the organizations name, the NAAFS (North American Allied Fight Series) and an advertisement for their next show, which was going to be in Cleveland, about two and a half hrs north of Columbus.  We close our tabs and head home for the night.

    Couple days later, i get a text from Nate that says that he woke up, got online, and immediately bought us VIP tickets to see their next show in Cleveland.  It’s on!