Quote(s) of the Week – Dick Gregory

“…when you young kids burn them draft cards, you’re saying to us ‘old fools, one day old fool you gonna get this country in a war and we not gonna fight for you, which means you’re gonna have to fight it yourself!‘ But we old fools got news for you youngsters, before we ever have to fight our own wars we’ll quit havin em.”- Dick Gregory (from the Light Side: The Dark Side)”

“You youngsters got a big job today. You gotta ask a lotta questions.  The one question you gotta ask loud and clear is a simple question. That question is, if democracy is as good as we tell you it is, then why in the hell are we running all over the world trying to ram it down peoples throat with a gun? And the day you youngsters work to make this democracy work right for the first time, that’s the day we can bring the guns home. Because you see, anything good you dont have to force on people–they will steal it.” Dick Gregory (from the Light Side: The Dark Side)

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