Quote of the week – Barry Hampe


How big a step is it from manipulating the people and events in a reality TV series–to make the show more interesting–to manipulating the people and events in a documentary for the same reason?  Unfortunately, history teaches us that the path to corruption often starts as an apparent shortcut, a little bit easier way to reach your goal.  But it’s a slippery slope, perhaps shallow at first but gradually growing steeper.  Once on it’s hard to get off. And once caught, it’s hard ever to be trusted again.

In any documentary of events as they occur, the temptation is always there to nudge things in a preferred direction.  But the moment that happens, you are no longer documenting a unique event with the outcome unknown.  You’re influencing the outcome.  And what might be learned from the film has been tainted. It can no longer be considered valid.” – Barry Hampe “Making Documentary Films and Videos”


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