Poll: Song Lyrics

The other night I had a conversation with a cat about artists and song lyrics, and how few hip-hop guys have their lyrics available anymore. This is especially noticeable in this day and age where album packaging isn’t as important anymore.  Artists used to put time into making sure that the lyrics were printed inside the record sleeve or the cd insert, but nowadays that’s hardly the case.  Part of me wonders if this is caused by the popularity of downloading music and artists and labels giving up, or if the downloading is because the people see that the artists and labels gave up and find less value in the packaging?

Either way, I’m not sure.  But what the conversation made me think about was adding my own lyrics to this site, and if that’s something that people want to see or care about it.  My initial response was that as a fan i don’t necessarily go looking for lyrics but I’m always curious to read them, but then I realized that I have actually searched for the lyrics to songs by bands i really like in the past, and if I did it then  maybe it could be a cool thing to add to this site.

So let me know whats up.  Depending on the responses I might try to make it happen:

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Thanks for your input!


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