No More Bands in Hip-Hop

Even though Hip-hop is one of the most popular genres of music across the globe, it may be one of the least respected in terms of it’s live performances. There are rappers who put on great shows and others who barely even try. This has led many to wonder why there isn’t more live instrumentation at hip-hop shows. In this episode, we break down six reasons you don’t see more live bands at hip-hop shows.

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  • Musicmusic

    Definitely valid points here. As a hiphop head and guitarist for 20+ yrs, i can say that playing in that setting is very difficult. You have to be tight and emulate sampling, but be able to swing at the same time. My attempts have been very hit and miss. I have seen Oddisee and Atmos kill it, but they obviously put lots of thought and rehearsal into making it work. I was wondering if Print or Illogic could possibly share an Eyedea story in one of the podcasts coming up, as his passing anniversary is approaching (10.16.10). Thank you and peace