It’s Been A Long Time Coming

I’ve been looking forward to today for a long time.  After doing screenings across the country this summer and fall, today is the official release date of my first film, King No Crown. Two weeks ago, I had the last screening here in my hometown of Columbus, last week I mailed out all the preorders for the VHS and deluxe DVD, and this week the on-demand version can be watched right now on Vimeo. It’s finally here.

That said, I want to thank everybody that made it out to a screening or supported my first film by ordering a physical copy. It means a lot. This entire experience has been something that, even when I was in the middle of it, felt almost surreal. There were moments when I would be on the freeway, driving across the country, and have to remind myself that I was going to show a film that I made. It’s been a blessing and an honor to be able to make something like this that’s in a new lane, but my fans still mess with. The entire experience makes me want to study more, so I can get better and make more films, which is what I’m trying to figure out right now.

I’ve got so much to say about this experience that I almost don’t know where to begin, so I’m going to wrap it up here.  But I just wanted to make sure I write a quick thank you blog since I haven’t been writing much lately.

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p.s. If you want to watch King No Crown right now, you can watch it below or go HERE

King No Crown from Grand Griot on Vimeo.

My latest album Two-Headed Monster is out now.  Order/Listen here HERE