I Paid Off My House

There are a lot of things that can cause stress for a full-time artist like me. For anybody self-employed, things can be up and down from year to year. Some years you can be up and killing shit. Other years you can be sitting at home, trying to make a small amount of money stretch until your next project comes out (which could be years away). It’s a great job in most aspects, but the future is something that anybody self-employed and involved in the arts has to be concerned about, even somebody like me who has been doing this full-time for 16 years.

Making matters worse are the stories that we see in the hip-hop news every week about how rappers, who were once at the top of the charts, are now having their cars repossessed and their homes foreclosed on for lack of payment. Every time I see a story about a rapper who made millions of dollars in their career losing their home it upsets me because I know they probably had the option to pay for it upfront or to put a larger chuck down on it so their mortgage payments would be lower when things inevitably slow down for them. But this is never the case and these stories keep popping up a few times a year.

These situations have been in the back of my mind for a long time, so I always told myself that if I ever had the opportunity to pay my house off early, I would do it. So last week, I made the decision to make a power move and pay my home off early. And as of today, I own my home free and clear with no mortgage. A thirty year mortgage paid off in thirteen years. I’m still in shock about it a little bit, but overall, I feel great.  I wanted to share this information for everybody out there who may not think it’s possible and hopefully encourage you to keep pressing forward. It can happen if you make a plan, stay focused, and sacrifice a little bit every day.

For everybody that listens to my podcast Super Duty Tough Work, I plan on speaking on this situation and my experience with real estate in greater detail in this week’s episode because there’s probably way too much to type here about it. Check it out below:

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