I bought a van

After much debate about whether it was a justifiable expense or not, I went ahead and bought a van.  It’s not a new van, in fact it’s pretty old and needs a good amount of work done to it before it’s road worthy, but I feel confident about my decision.  Next year I plan on doing a lot of touring so it makes sense.  My goal is to get it fixed up little by little and have it road-worthy by spring.  I will tell you one thing: parts for one-ton vans are way more expensive than what I’m used to! Sheesh.  I had a muffler put on it already and that was around $200, which is way more than I’m used to spending.   At any rate, I’m gonna blog about it from time to time, just in case people are curious about the experience, or want to share their experience fixing up something like this.

Recommendations for a name are also welcome.

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