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Its been quite a while since I wrote a blog, so I wanted to take some time to give all my fans and supporters a news update. Although I’ve been home from the road for about three weeks,  I’m just now getting comfortable enough to return to my creative routine and officially get back to work. Since I’ve been pretty quiet on my social networks, I figured I’d make the update in one post right here.

So here’s my news update:

Bend But Don’t Break tour Thank You


First things first, I have to thank all of the fans who took time out of their day to attend a Greenhouse tour date this summer.  The tour was six and a half weeks long and visited over forty-five cities (many of which we had either never been before or never headlined). Thanks to everybody who came out and picked up the new Greenhouse album, Bend But Don’t Break. We appreciate the support. Now on to the new business…

New Book in November


I’m currently finishing up my next book, tentatively titled “What a Night.”  The idea of the book was given to me during a funny twitter conversation about the worst shows in my touring career. After kicking the idea around in my head for a while, I decided to make an outline to see if I had enough material for an entire book on the subject. I definitely did.  As of right now, the book is completely written, but it hasn’t been proof read and revised yet; a process that I expect to take a month or so.  I’m in the middle of that process right now and expect to release the book in November.

November East Coast Tour Dates

We’re working on some follow-up Greenhouse dates on the east coast, since we didn’t really get to visit there this summer.  Hope to announce some confirmations very soon.

Next Blueprint Solo Album


Although I haven’t spoken much publicly about what’s going on with the follow-up to Adventures in Counter-Culture, best believe I’ve been in the lab pretty heavy in the last year.  In fact, I would like to officially announce that my next solo album is finished…done…complete.  I don’t have any artwork or music videos for it yet, but the music itself? That’s done!  So now I can move on to all the other stuff and trying to get it out as soon as possible.  Looking to get it out in the first half of 2014.

Blueprint + Aesop Rock EP


Me and Aesop Rock are finishing a project together. I don’t want to let too much of the cat out the bag yet, but it’s written and recorded already. Now we’re putting the finishing touches on it.  Stay tuned for more details on this one. It’s gonna bust heads.

New Soul Position Album

Me and my guy RJD2 are doing music together again. The next Soul Position album is underway…you already know.

Chamber Music 10-year Anniversary

2014 will mark the ten year anniversary of my first instrumental album, Chamber Music.  I’ve been exploring the possibility of releasing a sequel to this record early next year.

I could talk about some other minor projects I’m working on but I don’t want this to get too long, so that’s it for now.  There will be more detailed updates about each of these things as they progress.  Hit me with any questions or comments below.

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  • Wow, you’ve been busy. Great news though!

  • Karan Kalia

    OHHH Mannnn……. u dnt knw how much happy uve made me 🙂

  • Anthony_Martin

    I often wonder if I’m party to a “bad show”. I came out for the Greenhouse tour when it hit Soda Bar in San Diego earlier this year. It was a Wednesday night, so the crowd was pretty sparse, and there were some issues with the sound man. You and Illogic held it down, as always, and I thought the show went well. I still left wondering what impression it made on the artists themselves. I wondered the same thing after Ali + Immortal Tech @ World Beat. Again, the crowd was upbeat but Tech got shortchanged because of bad sound.

  • deacon lf

    Cool stuff man, looking forward to checking it all out.

  • Tito

    Now that you told us you got two options:
    1-If your album is alread done, please be kind and release at least one song. At least a snippet man
    2-Release that Soul Position album now!

    PS: thanks for the updates

  • printmatic

    I will def be letting the people hear a sneak peak very soon my friend!

  • printmatic


  • printmatic

    I remember that San Diego show and i don’t think it was bad at all. There were some sound problems with my mic not working at the beginning of the set but fortunately we worked them out before i got started. The stories I’ve got in this book are so much more crazier than that. It’ll blow your mind!

  • printmatic

    Thanks Karan!

  • printmatic

    Yeah man, been plugging away over here. Really close to being ready to release a lot of this stuff.

  • Arie Mangrum

    I will own all of these things.

  • Jay

    new soul position and a project with Aesop, so suprised and excited!

  • Mazi Akil Wilson Noble

    Print, I am definitely looking forward to the many projects you have coming out. I am a fan of your music, and find myself constantly inspired by the multitude of other projects you get together for yourself. I love your self-made mentality and that you rely on your ingenuity to keep yourself ahead of the curve.

    I have some ideas for specialty shows/projects that I would love to share with you. I am in a tiny town in Northern California and this area is ripe for a connection with an artist of your caliber. Your creative mind spans beyond music. Please feel free to email me at mazinoble@gmail.com. I am a fan. Not a promoter. Not anything more than a fan with ideas.

    Peace. Thanks for your attention.

  • Tino

    I need to step my game up. I like whats coming down the pike.

  • Blake Roberts

    This just made my evening even better. Print putting in work. All these projects are going to be serious. A Felt album with Slug, Murs and Blueprint would be interesting sometime down the road. Thanks for the update

  • Nathan Althoff

    Hey Print! I just want to say I couldn’t see you on the Greenhouse tour because it was a 21+ show in my city and I was about a week away from being old enough. I saw you in 2010 supporting for Atmosphere and to be honest you might have outperformed them (Don’t tell Slug + Ant). I’m hoping that after that Aesop Rock + Blueprint release, you guys can tour together and hopefully stop in Bozeman MT!!!

  • Karan Kalia

    respect from india!!!!

  • printmatic

    that’s what’s up!

  • printmatic

    damn, sorry to hear that. we will definitely be back in bozeman very soon!

  • Myesha Dean

    It was so good to see you in Santa Fe….come back soon!!! You are wonderful. I can’t wait to hear more and check out this new book.

  • boredsak

    Your new projects sound really promising especially the collaboration with Aes (Surely this has been on the cards for a long time now!). Also amped for the new Soul Position album as well. Keep it up and can’t wait for news on your new projects. Much love from Australia!

  • printmatic

    thank you!

  • tommyjohn_45

    Fantastic news man! Pumped to see what you and Aesop have in store… and a new Soul Position is just the cherry on top. Much love.

  • Luis Santamaria

    This is the best news I’ve heard in a long time. Please come to Chicago!!!

  • PoLo B PoLo B

    Did u ever rock any shows or parties on Wittenberg’s campus?

  • printmatic

    The last show I played there was in 2005 or 2006. Haven’t played down there since.

  • PoLo B PoLo B

    Damn, wish I’d have known that. Kenny Pope did the cuts on my first CD back in 2000 and we went on the air a few times and rhymed. Small World brother