Super Duty Tough Work Podcast – Episode 16: The Brilliance of A Tribe Called Quest and Phife Dawg

Hip-hoppers worldwide were saddened to hear the news that rapper Phife Dawg of the group A Tribe Called Quest passed away today at just 45 years old. Instead of being sad, we decided to dedicate this episode to speaking in depth about what exactly made Phife Dawg and A Tribe Called Quest so special and revered in hip-hop. From our favorite Phife verses, to ranking their albums, to their technical innovations–Blueprint and co-host Illogic dive deep on this one.

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  • Musicmusic

    ‘This ain’t the Barnum Bailey show I don’t get down with the clowns.’ Love that verse on the Hop. Phife is all over the place with pop references. From OJ to Pocahontas. Hilarious. Also, I’d add his verse on The Jazz to the list. ‘Competition from Phife(r) come sideways..’ That’s a dope set off. Illogic, I’d say listen to the first 4 tracks of Beats,Rhymes again. Such a badass string to open an album. The beats are nasty. For me that was my driving at night album, always brings me back. Thanks for paying tribute to a fallen legend and the dopest hip-hop group of all time. Phife-Diggy, rest in Beats-