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    Super Duty Tough Work Podcast – Episode 40: Does Work-Life Balance Really Exist?

    One of the most difficult balancing acts in life is between our personal lives and our careers. A decision to focus primarily on work usually forces us to sacrifice our personal lives, and a decision to focus on our personal lives often leaves us without challenges in our careers. Everybody is trying to achieve the proper work-life balance, but very few actually do. In this episode, we give nine tips for achieving the proper work-life balance and also briefly speak to two of our professional friends that are working on it as well. Lots of bars in this one.

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    Everybody Needs Time Off

    everybodyneedstimeoffThere’s a saying that goes, “choose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” that I’ve always loved.  The saying really sums up what it feels like for those lucky enough to have careers that they love as opposed to the all too common situation of having a job that they hate.