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    Electric Purgatory – Tour Edition Artwork

    To continue with the theme of getting ready for tour, one decision I didn’t have a difficult time making was to bring a Greenhouse CD with me. Actually, I did have a hard time choosing between volume one and volume two, but then I decided to make it a double-cd and bring both–problem solved.  As an opener on a tour like this they give you a set amount of merch you can bring (only x amount of t-shirts and only x amount of CDs), so you have to be very selective about it and bring what you think makes the most sense.  In the past i had brought the Iron & Niacin and Vitamins & Minerals CDs, but this time around I’ve decided to make a special 2-CD version of the Electric Purgatory CDs, with completely different artwork and everything. I got a copy of the artwork last night and I think the graphic designer did an amazing job so I wanted to post the artwork:

    [nggallery id=13]

    If you’ve got some time check out my dude’s design blog TheDigitalArmory.  He’s a good dude and does really good work.

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