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    the truth vs a good story

    I’ve always had a weird relationship with the press.  For the early part of my career, from 1999-2003 when I was first putting out Greenhouse material on Weightless Recordings, they would either ignore us completely or clown us in the local weekly papers.  Then once Soul Position came out things improved, but its always been weird.  Sometimes good, sometimes bad, you take it with a grain of salt and you move on.  Along the way I stopped giving a fuck and realized that while the press can to some extent make a star out of somebody that shouldn’t be, they also can’t really do much for artists that are bi-products of a more grassroots approach–which I am.  I’m not sure if that realization means I gave up on their importance, or that I gave up on my potential to be a critics favorite, but I do know that things definitely changed for me.

    But specifically, here’s my problem with press: