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    The Best Hip-Hop in Hollywood

    Sparked by Blueprint announcing that he is putting the finishing touches on his first movie, a conversation about the relationship between hip-hop and Hollywood was a must. Especially since so many veteran hip-hop artists have been able to transition into successful careers as actors, writers, and producers. In this episode of the most infamous podcast on planet earth, we dive deep into the relationship between hip-hop and Hollywood to speak about which artists have done it the best. We even give out some awards.

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    Super Duty Tough Work Podcast – Episode 15: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly Side of Rappers Endorsing Politicians

    As this election year gets into full swing, more and more rappers seem to be endorsing politicians than ever before. In this episode, the most infamous podcast goes into detail about the various types of endorsements and what it means for hip-hop. Blueprint and co-host Illogic dive deep on this one.

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