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    I’m going back to Europe, Europe, Europe

    To all my fly Europeans who have supported me for so long, your boy Printmatic is coming back around your way this November in the form of the first ever Rhymesayers European tour.  A tour that has been talked about for quite a while is finally coming about in Europe, hitting various major countries and cities.  I haven’t been to Europe since summer of 2008 when I was out there with Louis Logic and Paul Dateh.  I love Europe and have been trying to get back there ever since, but having a new album like Adventures in Counter-Culture gives me a great opportunity to get back over there and bring the music to the people.  Of course I will not be alone.  The tour will feature Atmosphere, Evidence, Brother Ali, and Grieves & Budo.  The line-up is crazy and I’m just happy to be a part of it.

    So, peep the dates below, mark your calendars and come see me in November and say whatup: