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    A Perfect New Year

    If you had to guess off the top of your head, how many days of your life would you classify as perfect?

    If you’re like most people it would be a very short list.  I would bet most people would list their wedding day or the birth of a child as the only perfect days they’ve ever experienced.  It’s not that we don’t try, Lord knows we do, it’s just that perfection is extremely difficult to achieve.  Look no further than how seldom a Major League Baseball pitcher pitches a perfect game, or how rare it is for an NFL team to have a perfect season and win the Superbowl.

    Perfection is hard to achieve.

    Yet, as hard as perfection is to achieve, there’s one day every year that a lot of us think we can pull it off–New Years.  And subsequently there’s one day of the year that I hear the most people express their disappointment with–New Years.