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    Quote of the Week: Gilbert Highet


    “It is easy to like the youth because they are young. They have no faults, except the very ones which they are asking you to eradicate: ignorance, shallowness, and inexperience. The really hateful faults are those which we grown men and women have. Some of these grow on us like diseases, other we build up and cherish as though they were virtues. Ingrained conceit, calculated cruelty, deep-rooted cowardice, slobbering greed, vulgar self-satisfaction, puffy laziness of mind and body–these and the other real sins result from years, decades of careful cultivation.  They show on our faces, they ring harsh or hollow in our voices, they have become bone of our bone and flesh of our flash. The young do not sin in those ways.  Heaven knows they are infuriatingly lazy and unbelievably stupid and sometimes detestably cruel–but not for long, not all at once, and not (like grown ups) as a matter of habit or policy. They are trying to be energetic and wise and kind.  When you remember this, it is difficult to not like them” – Gilbert Highet (from The Art of Teaching,1950)