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    A Day of Frugality: PC Monitor

    I had a pretty nice monitor in my studio. Flat screen, beautiful display.  Probably cost me about $150 a couple years ago, right when the price for a flat screen monitor was dropping. 

    A couple days ago I started noticing a little flickering and thought nothing of it.  I turned it off and on and it went back to working.  Then I started noticing it going black for no reason.   And finally today it wouldn’t come on at all.  To say the least I was pissed and a little distraught because I’ve got a lot of work to do and need it to work.  I’ve had it over two years so i already know that the manufacturers warranty isn’t an option, plus i tend to think warranties are rip-offs anyways.  My first instinct was to check prices at microcenter and staples for a new one: $119, $129, $150, etc.  Not trying to spend that right now.

    Then it dawned on me that I should hit the salvation army up.   I drove out there this morning and found this joint: