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    Eyedea: One Year Later, Before and After

    I just woke up and realized that it’s been one year since Eyedea passed.  It really hit me today that my dude is gone.  Not that I didn’t feel it before but I would be lying if i said there wasn’t a decent amount of denial going on.  It’s just hard to believe that somebody who did so much and was such a big part of my hip-hop experience is gone, and that I won’t see him again.   The past year I’ve been so many places and talked to so many people who he has touched with his music.  He touched people in the way that you wish you could touch people as an artist.

    I was at a show recently and a cat asked me to tell him the story of how me and Eyedea met, how we became friends, and the story behind the song “Before and After”.  He said he’s always wanted to know because we never really spoke about it in public.

    Last year I wanted to write something but his passing was too fresh and hurt too much so I never did.  I kept putting it off and didn’t want to be throwing our personal stuff out there in the public realm.  But now I realize that sharing stories about people we love and have lost is part of celebrating their lives, and part of the healing process; and because I never allowed myself to take part in that I had never allowed myself the opportunity to mourn and heal.

    So here it goes.