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    Daft Punk to score the new Tron:Legacy movie

    I’ll admit that this is news that probably excites me more than most, but Daft Punk is doing the score for the entire new Tron: Legacy movie, due out in December.  This excites me for two reasons: first, Tron is an 80s cult-classic and second because it’s fucking Daft Punk for crying out loud!

    Truth be told I never really sat down with a Daft Punk record until about 3-4 years ago.  I was trying to learn more about synths and electronic based music, and realized that I should probably start at the source and check out the two pioneering groups: Daft Punk & Kraftwerk.  Since pretty much everything else that came after them was influenced by them it seemed like a safe place to start.  I would highly recommend the same thing for all the hip-hop producers reading this, you won’t regret it.

    At any rate, they’re making a big return to the scene by scoring the Tron: Legacy movie.  It’s a perfect fit because the movie is some futuristic shit anyways, so props to whoever chose them to do the soundtrack.  Every now and then Hollywood makes a damn good decision.  Peep the trailer for the movie their music after the jump that features a heavy dose of their music: