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    Download the Blueprint Who EP NOW!

    My latest project, titled Blueprint Who is now available. It is an EP that’s about 25 minutes in length, and it will only be sold on tour and here at printmatic.net. It will not be available on i-tunes or anything like that due to me not wanted to be sued out of house and home for sampling what I want to sample. Plus, i-tunes takes out too high of a percentage anyways, but that’s another story altogether.

    There are THREE versions available. Pick your poison:

    #1. CD VERSION

    The Blueprint Who CD version is $4.99 plus shipping. It starts shipping on Tuesday Sept 7th and comes with a FREE 11×17 poster (see below poster image) and the instrumentals to all songs. Use the add to cart button to pick it up.


    The Deluxe Digital Version of Blueprint Who will come with 1) all instrumentals, 2) a PDF file of the artwork, and 3) the music video for the song “Dream Big”. This version is also $4.99. To order the delux digital version just select the “BUY NOW” button from the below audio player:


    The Free Digital Version of Blueprint Who will not include any of the extra stuff above, and the price is determined by what you decide to pay for it. You can pay $0, $1, $2.75, $5, $10, etc. It’s up to you. There will be a price field that defaults to zero, and whatever price you enter will be the price paid for it. The file is still encoded at 320 kbps and the download process is exactly the same. To order this version just click the “Download” button on the audio player below:

    Here’s the pics of the Blueprint Who artwork:

    [nggallery id=15]

    As always, thanks for the support!!