Was Chance the Rappers Million Dollar Donation a Mistake?

Last week, news emerged of Chicago rapper making a 1 million dollar donation to Chicago Public Schools. People everywhere were unanimously excited about it, but we wouldn’t be the most infamous podcast if we didn’t discuss whether or not he made the right decision. In this episode, Illogic and Blueprint debate five reasons why it his donation was a great move and five reasons why it may have been a mistake. This one gets pretty deep.

Listen here:

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  • Angela

    its funny I sent u a message concerning my hesitation in expressing oneself for knowing it’ll alter your environment somehow (particularly someone else’s life) and received Vigilante Genesis a day later , started playin it over again, in the relevancy I’m amazed , although your intent of the message may have been complete opposite.

  • printmatic

    Thanks for picking it up. Glad you dig it. At it’s core, that record is definitely about seeking to change and alter your environment; or at least taking control in your own way. It’s also about dealing with the consequences that come with that decision. So you’re right about that part of it.