Wearing Multiple Hats

Whether you’re trying to or not, there will always be times when you have to take on multiple responsibilities in order to get things done. In this episode, we dive deep into what Blueprint has had to do over the last fifteen years to stay on top of his art and business in a way that is very rare nowadays. We also give you all seven tips that will help you become better at wearing multiple hats. Let’s go!

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  • Musicmusic

    Great episode. Illogic does his best Charlie Rose (just asking questions). I’d be interested in hearing about how the Aceyalone guest spot happened. I know he was down with and toured with Eyedea, as mentioned in the ‘bad girlfriend ruins show story,’ but curious how it came to be. Aceyalone is one of the dopest of all-time, which kinda goes without saying. Accepted Eclectic is the shit. (Doesn’t get as many mentions as some of the other incredible albums in his history lesson)

  • printmatic

    Thank man. I will have to tell the story about the Aceyalone collaboration on the next episode because DJ Rare Groove asked me the other day as well. He’s one of my all-time favorites too man. Huge fan of his work!