Three Blueprint Albums and Two Signed Posters for $10

While it is true that I have a great number of fans who know me primarily as a vocalist, I’ve also realized that there are also many fans that don’t really know how serious I am on the beats.  In addition to producing both of my solo albums, 1988 and Adventures in Counter-Culture, I’ve also produced three albums for my homie Illogic, as well as albums for my fellow Columbus artists Envelope and Zero Star. So, I’ve decided to run a special sale to bring people up to speed with some of my production where you can get my Chamber Music, Sign Language, and the Weightless Radio CDs for just $10. Plus, you get 11×17 posters for the Chamber Music & Sign Language albums.

That’s right, three albums and two signed posters for $10.  CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE.

chamber_cover signlanguage_coverweb weightlessradiocover

Thanks for the support yall.

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  • Great deal!

  • printmatic

    thank you!

  • kozmund

    Very clever, Print, very clever. Trying to trick me into dropping $10 and ending up with spare copies of Chamber Music and Sign Language. Then I’ll be sitting on 2 extra albums and what am I to do with them? Go give them to a friend or two who would appreciate your production and style? Then suddenly you have another fan?

    Such a cynical business ploy, pricing your merchandise to allow your fans to legally buy your music at an affordable price…well played, well played.

    That’s all sarcasm, that’s a nicely priced bundle. To the credit card!

  • printmatic

    ha! thanks for the support man!