The Adventures of Blueprint “Go Hard or Go Home: Behind The Video”

It's been a while since since I've aired an episode of “The Adventures of Blueprint,” but have no fear, I'm back.  Brand new episode, baby!  This one talks about the upcoming video for “Go Hard or Go Home” and the circumstances that inspired its creation.  Check it out!


The official music video for “Go Hard or Go Home” will debut next week, on the one-year anniversary of the Adventures in Counter-Culture album.

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  • Print, you mentioned in this video that you’ve since put down the bottle. For the many young men and women out there looking to make some changes, it can be especially challenging to break habits that they learned in high school or college. For example, I drink pretty casually, a habit that doesn’t effect my life in any way other than perhaps my overall health, but one I find hard to break nonetheless. I’ve been around substance abuse my whole life, and I know how quickly it can all progress. What approach or mentality do you rely on to stay strong?