AUDIO: Blueprint guest appearance on MMA Uncensored Show (1/16)

For all my MMA fans out there, I did my second guest appearance on the MMA Uncensored show last night.  We talked about UFC on Fuel and the upcoming UFC 144 Fight card.  If you missed me last night during the broadcast, I’ve attached the audio of the program last night.  Check me out:

Shout outs to Chi Town Luke and the crew for having me on again.

Talking MMA tonight on MMA Uncensored show 8pm Mountain Time / 10pm EST

As many of my friends know, I’m a pretty big fan of Mixed-Martial Arts (MMA).  I think I started watching it about four or five years ago, and have been into it pretty heavily ever since, as proven by my MMA-related tweets whenever there’s a big event on.  Hell, a lot of my time in the studio is spent watching classic fights that I missed before I was a fan of the sport. Continue reading