E-book version of “The Making of Adventures in Counter-Culture” now available

For all my friends who have Kindles (or Ipad’s with Kindle Reader apps), the E-Book version of The Making of Adventures in Counter-Culture is now available on Amazon.com for $5.99.  Click HERE or the cover to purchase.  Audiobook version will be available later this month.

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Blueprint Announces the Release of New Book “The Making of Adventures in Counter-Culture”

After a five-year musical journey, critically acclaimed mc/producer and Soul Position frontman Blueprint, returned in 2011 with his highly-anticipated sophomore solo album Adventures in Counter-Culture.  While praised by critics and considered his finest release to date, the story behind Blueprint’s musical departure went largely untold until now.  The Making of Adventures in Counter-Culture sees Blueprint emerge as an author, vividly recounting the stories that inspired him to create such a unique piece of art.  His writing leaves nothing unanswered – taking the reader through the creative process behind every song on the album – and describing in rich detail the circumstances that lead to his social commentary, his personal transformation, and his genre-defying album, Adventures in Counter-Culture. Continue reading

The Best of Printmatic.net 2011

2011 was a very real year for me.  After taking a departure to learn about music and get my life in order I released my sophomore solo album Adventures in Counter-Culture and toured the United States, Canada, & Europe.  My brother got sick and my mother moved in with me for most of the year to help handle his affairs.  I learned how to kick it without alchohol, became more focused on family than ever, and my brothers situation forced me to put things into perspective.  I realized along the way that writing helps me get through things, and understand the world around me more, so I continued to write here at printmatic.net, and I thank you all for reading and allowing me to use this as an outlet.   I was going back through some of my posts from this year and figured I would post a “best of” list for those who may have missed some of the things I consider to be my best writing, and for those that may want to reread or share some of these with friends.

Eyedea: One Year Later, Before and After

the downside of giving up on yourself

One year sober today

Blueprint, MTV, and “Selling Out”


Words I Like: Agonizing

The Adventures of Blueprint: Episode 2 – What happened to the radio?

The Adventures of Blueprint: Episode 1 – “The story of Radio-Inactive”

A Perfect New Year

I’ve got a lot of plans for 2012, and I’m in the lab really heavy hoping to bring a bunch of new music to you.  As usual, this is where you will hear about everything first.

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