Super Duty Tough Work Podcast: Episode 07 “The KickStarter Blues”

After a brief hiatus, the most infamous podcast on planet earth, Super Duty Tough Work is back on the scene! This week Blueprint is joined by special guest co-host and indie rap phenom, Illogic. As always, the co-host brings the topics and this week Illogic brought topics that ranged from Computers taking over rap, Rappers Getting Sued over Kickstarter, hip-hop being blamed when rappers get shot, and much more. The results, as usual, are insightful and hilarious.

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  • Musicmusic

    So glad the podcast is back. I was straight up fiending for more of the good shit. Laughed more in the 1st 10minutes than during all the podcasts I have been listening to in the meantime. Illogic is a great co-host. Thank you from Seattle. Greenhouse bitches!

  • Thank for listening! It’s good to be back. I missed doing the podcast myself. We should be releasing new episodes much more regularly. Hopefully weekly now.