Super Duty Tough Work – Episode 08

The most infamous hip-hop podcast on planet earth is back again with this week’s episode of Super Duty Tough Work. My brother Illogic is the guest co-host again and brings the crazy topics.  In this episode we discuss fake drug addicts, retiring vs quitting, blowfly stories, what happened to my car, and more.  I also added a new segment at the end where I answer questions for independent artists that were submitted to me via twitter.

Thanks for listening!

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  • More great shit from the Greenhouse duo. That car story is unreal. It’s amazing how some people will return a favor you’ve done them. But I imagine karma will catch up with that one. It was cool to hear about early 2000s Slug work ethic on rehearsing. I saw a show on the God Loves Ugly tour, and haven’t stopped catching shows whenever I can, because of that work and dedication. It’s awesome to know that someone as big as Atmos has become really deserves it. Keep hustling!

  • Thanks for all the support!