The Past, Present, and Future of Hip-Hop Fisticuffs

To tell the truth, we’ve been trying to avoid talking about the news of Chris Brown and Soulja Boy agreeing to have a pay-per-view fight for a couple of weeks now, but another week has gone by with this story dominating the hip-hop news cycle. Even worse, more rappers are piling on and trying to follow their lead. What most people don’t remember is that this is not the first time this has happened in hip-hop. In this episode, we talk about the past, the present, and what we think is the future of rappers actually wanting to put on gloves and fight each other for money. Continue reading

How Kanye West and Donald Trump Changed Social Media Forever


Earlier this year, we did an episode of the Super Duty Tough Work podcast titled The Ten Best and Worst Contributions of Kanye West.  One of the main topics we spoke about on this episode was West’s impact on social media.

We pointed out that one of West’s bad contributions to the game was his emotional nature on twitter, which often comes off as counter-productive.  Even though most people can’t agree on whether he’s being sincere or just trolling to get reactions out of people, we all can agree that it does get him a lot of attention. Continue reading

The Art of Negotiation

It would be an understatement to say that the weakness of most artists and creative people is the realm of business. In fact, it’s downright surprising to meet a creative person who is also on top of their business. This week, the most infamous podcast on planet earth dives deep into one aspect of business that is seldom talked about—the art of negotiation. If you are a bad negotiator or feel uneasy whenever it’s time to negotiate, look no further. We got you.

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How I Learned to Love the Winter

One of my most vivid childhood memories were long trips from Columbus, Ohio to rural Alabama where both of my parents grew up.  Back in those days, before all the major freeways were finished, it would take us forever to get there.  We would leave before the sun came up and we wouldn’t get there until the sun was going down. Continue reading

The Best of 2016

Even though recording an hour-long podcast every week for a year takes a lot of discipline, the classic moments its created has made it all worth it. This week, the most infamous podcast, goes back through the vaults of the last year and pulls out our favorite moments of the past year. If this episode doesn’t bring a smile to your face, we don’t know what will. Let’s go! Continue reading

The Worn Flints featuring Blueprint “Chasing You”

I‘m featured on the brand new single “Chasing You” by the Columbus band, The Worn Flints. I’ve done a lot of features in the last year or so, but this is one that I’m the most proud of.  It came out really great, so please take a couple of minutes to hit play.  This was released on Christmas day, but since I was traveling I didn’t get a chance to post it. Continue reading

Knowing When To Let Go

Whether it’s family, friendships, or romantic partners–relationships can be difficult. One of the main reasons for that difficulty is the balancing act of investing in others while trying to protect ourselves from decisions they make that we might not agree with. How do we know when to let go? When is the right time to back off and let people make their own decisions, even if we may not agree with those those decisions? We dive deep into that topic on this very personal episode of the most infamous podcast on planet earth. We name five behaviors that prevent us from letting go and letting people live their own lives. It gets real in this one.

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The Difference Between Retiring and Quitting

It almost goes without saying that the internet has created an environment where artists are blowing up faster than ever. This is seen as a positive thing, but the downside is that we now have more frustrated artists publicly retiring than ever before. And while they may use the word retire to describe their departure from the game, we wonder if many of them are actually quitting. In this episode, the most infamous podcast on planet earth discusses the difference between retiring and quitting, and tries to put an end to all the confusion.

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The High Price of Doing Too Much

For several months in a row, I have had a feeing of uneasiness as it relates to my life. It wasn’t a constant feeling–I only felt it every now and then when I slowed down my work–but it was definitely there.

The main reason I didn’t notice it was that I was busier than I had ever been in my career. Not only was my schedule full, but it was full of meaningful projects that I had an emotional connection to and was excited about working on.

But something wasn’t right. Continue reading

Super Duty Tough Work – Episode 44: How to Approach People You Want to Work With

Whether it’s somebody with a household name or a local celebrity, we all come across people we want to meet and work with. The problem, is how do we approach them without making a fool out of ourselves? In this episode of the most infamous podcast on planet earth we dive deep and give you some rock solid rules for approaching the people you want to work with. These rules should help you become more successful before, during, and after you step to them. Let’s go!

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DJ Criminal featuring Blueprint “Leave Me Alone”

The music video for a collaboration I did with DJ Criminal just dropped and it’s dope. The song is called “Leave me Alone” and it’s the first single from his upcoming album, Samples & Marbles.  The project is a FREE hip-hop and turntablism album made entirely from samples of the band Phish. You can download the single and get the album from his bandcamp page. Continue reading

Super Duty Tough Work – Episode 43: The Return of the Native Tongues

Although groups like De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest were mainstays of hip-hop’s golden era from the late 80’s & early 90’s, both groups fell out of the public eye in the last decade. Thankfully for their fans around the world, the stars aligned and both groups dropped impressive comeback albums in 2016. While most hip-hop media will talk about the comeback albums themselves, we decided to take it a step further and breakdown why both comebacks were successful. It gets risky returning from any leave of absence, but we got the keys. There are six keys that De La Soul & A Tribe Called Quest employed that made their comebacks successful, and we give you all of them.

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Super Duty Tough Work – Episode 41: How to Maintain Friendships During Conflict

While conflict between competing rappers is a relatively common occurrence in hip-hop these days, it’s much more rare to see two friends air their dirty laundry in public. Well, not this week as Kanye West returned to the news for his on-stage tirade against his close friend Jay Z. We’ve all been there before; arguing and beefing with friends and family over small things. But we wouldn’t be grown ass men if we didn’t frown upon this type of behavior, and we wouldn’t be the MVP (Most Valuable Podcast) if we didn’t give you nine rules to help you handle conflict with your friends without escalating things.

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Super Duty Tough Work Podcast – Episode 40: Does Work-Life Balance Really Exist?

One of the most difficult balancing acts in life is between our personal lives and our careers. A decision to focus primarily on work usually forces us to sacrifice our personal lives, and a decision to focus on our personal lives often leaves us without challenges in our careers. Everybody is trying to achieve the proper work-life balance, but very few actually do. In this episode, we give nine tips for achieving the proper work-life balance and also briefly speak to two of our professional friends that are working on it as well. Lots of bars in this one.

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Super Duty Tough Work Podcast – EP 39: What the Average American Thinks About Hip-Hop

It goes without saying that we love hip-hop music from the bottom of our hearts. We grew up on it and watched it grow from an underground culture to worldwide phenomenon that can be heard on any radio or television station at any time. But every now and then, an event happens that shows you what hip-hop looks like to people outside the culture; and it’s not very pleasant. Put on your scuba gear because we’re about to dive deep.

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