Fan Questions

After putting in consistent work for the last couple of years, the most infamous podcast on planet earth has finally made it to a large milestone in podcasting, the one hundredth episode! To celebrate, we decided to get our listeners involved and asked them to leave a message or question on our voice mail. In this episode, we play back your messages and answer all of your questions. One hundred down, one hundred more to go!

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  • Musicmusic

    That was super dope. I was nervous that some questions mite be cringe-worthy, because a lot of times in these call-in scenarios they can be, but I was happily proven wrong. Great questions, honest answers, and some shout-outs. What else can you ask for? Other than, when’s Illogic gonna pop on the Super-duty theme song? Give him some bars! Haha. Cheers fellas. 100. Awesome work

  • printmatic

    Thanks man. I totally agree. I had no idea what to expect when we asked people to leave their questions, but all the questions were super dope and interesting. I was pleasantly surprised. Goes to show that we’ve got some awesome listeners!

  • Musicmusic

    Awesome podcast creates awesome listeners. Word. Got to spread the positive