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This past weekend I played at a festival called Tribez Vibez in Bellefountain, Ohio. It was a really cool experience and I was able to make some new fans there. In fact, I think the feedback I got after I got off the stage was some of the most inspiring feedback I’ve heard in years–really positive people!  At any rate, while I was selling some CDs I realized that (as an artist that has released a lot of music over the years) sometimes it’s very hard for me to tell somebody what album to start with. So I came home determined to put together a free mix of songs that people tell me are their favorite songs from my catalog. I figure that’s better than when you buy a best of cd from the store and only realize that some major label asshole decided to only put 2-3 good songs it.  If you’re new to my music this should be a perfect introduction.  If you’re coming out to any of the shows on this upcoming tour then these songs should serve as a refresher for you.  It’s 17 tracks long.

If you like it, feel free to share it with your friends.

Thanks for the support.

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  • LidFlipper

    'Print, this is a great idea. TYVM!

  • Kate

    awesome!! thanks.

  • printmatic

    you're welcome. spread it around!

  • Tom

    When I introduced people to your music I used to either recommend Columbus Or Bust or '88. But this is pretty dope. Will download and share.

  • printmatic

    thanks Tom!

  • Mrbianco1979

    thanks! I'll pass it around.

  • Mtb209628

    It says 17 tracks, I got 16. Skipped track 16 for some reason. Nonetheless free great music. Not complainin at all just wanted to cliff note. Thanks Brother

  • printmatic

    all good